Kegunaan Hilon Geotextile


Sebagai pemisah tercampurnya dua jenis lapisan yang berbeda granulasinya, sehingga meningkatkan perlindungan yang lebih stabil.


Untuk menyebarkan beban permukaan agar lebih merata, sehingga tanah tersebut dapat menopang beban dengan baik.


To filter and prevent the migration of particles from the soil/mud along with the water flow in the construction system.


Geotextile is applied to protect geomembrane construction or other products from being punctured by sharp objects such as rocks, tree trunks or branches and others


System penyaluran air permukaan, dimana dalam system drainase harus bisa memisahkan material.


Treatment of concrete after concrete has been placed. Concrete treatment is mandatory because it aims to maintain the humidity and temperature needed for cement to carry out the hydration process perfectly.

Advantages of Hilon Geotextile

Produk Hilongeotextile Bersetifikat ISO, TKDN Kemenprin, SNI, Global Recycled Standard. Satu – satunya di Indonesia.

Be proud to participate in building Indonesia



Hilon geotextile is trusted for the construction project of the Serang Panimbang [...]
Hilon Geotextile dipercaya untuk proyek jalan di ajang event terbesar. kami selalu menjaga kualitas dalam tiap lembar produk Hilon Geotextile. [...]
Vertical Roof Garden is a textile made of polymer material, which is water permeable, in the form of woven, knitted or non-woven (non-woven) used by geotechnical and civil engineering. [...]

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